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How I got started....


I am the mother of five amazing and unique children. I have always loved being around children, so much so, that after having my first two children I started a licensed family daycare. After doing that for 6 years my husband and I decided to have some more children. Which in turn led me to my passion of being a doula.


My last three children were home births with the support of midwives, I found that  having support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period is extremely beneficial. I knew immediately that I wanted ALL birthing people to experience the love and compassion that I had felt was given to me.


The nurturing you get with one-on-one care is something that's been lost in our current healthcare system. I became a Doula so that I could bridge that gap. To help parents get the information and support they need and I try to make their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience more personal.

As parents we will all choose different things for our children with the knowledge we have.  I believe we all have the same end goal, To be the best parents we can  while encouraging our children to be loving, healthy, compassionate individuals.

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